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Thodoris Vragkos

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A little about me

I started to get involved with web development after graduating from Manpower Employment Organization as a Technical Support In Computer Systems at 2015, where I learned my first computer language HTML.
After that I continued my studies in Institution of Vocational Training to become a certified web designer/developer in June 2016.
At the same time I enrolled in different web design and web development courses at Udemy, SitePoint, CodeAcademy and also watching videos at various websites like TheNewBoston and Youtube of course.
And now I am a freelancer web designer/developer and the same time student in Hellenic Open University in field of Computer Science .

Teo Vragkos

My services

Web Design

Creative & Responsive

Design means planning and constructing your ideas to real world websites or apps. And responsive design makes your website look perfect on all devices like desktops, tablets or phones.

Web Development

Coding - UI & UX

Web development is the coding part that enables website functionality. UI is the look and the presentation of a product & UE is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure between customer and the product.


Logo Design

Illustration is the stage of the creation of logo or banner, text, advertising images and more.., to the digital world.

My Skills

It's What I Do Best

I like to play with colors and make unique combinations giving attention to details. I like my code to be as less as possible but functional and I keep it simple. I use the latest tech for the development applying standard programming, enriching the code with the most effective principles based on the project requirements.

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